Sunday, May 17, 2009

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

Murray Park Pavilion 1 provided the backdrop for Cole's super fab Graduation BBQ last week. Cole and Wes fired up the little pits that the park provided and cooked us up some very tasty grub. We had a good mix of family and friends join us to enjoy the food, cake and the volleyball pit. Thanks to everyone who came, especially those who brought food.

Utah Man Am I

Because of my less-than-stellar blogging efforts lately, this post is a bit of old news. However, I am still very proud of Cole and had to post a few photos from his commencement last week. We opted to just attend the Business School program (lots of "name calling"-very few speakers/musical numbers). As you can see from the photos, Cole's parents flew in from Texas for a few days and we loved hogging every minute of their time here. We were also joined by my parents and Nicole, Scott and baby Jones-to-be. Thanks for all of your support. We are finally legit! Hurray!