Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Quick Escape

Any summer that we can, we escape up to MT for a few days at Swan Lake. This is one of my most favorite spots in the world and I have been looking forward to showing it to Crew.

The cabin is several hours away and despite being nervous of how Crew would do for that long in his car seat, he was a champ!

As a preface, the cabin is being built in stages. One outstanding item being a shower. We were however, able to craft a pretty awesome version of a shower with a newly installed garden hole. So we are clean, but definitely not our cutest!

The first night the mommies took to bathing the babies in a big plastic bin. My mom has a similar photo of me as a baby, except I was being bathed in a metal pot. Crew and Nixson were good sports but for now, I think Crew wants to stick to his own plastic tub at home.

Being at the cabin is all about being lazy, My favorite lazy spot is the beach. With Cole and the boys golfing most of the days, we jimmy-rigged this awesome spot for crew to lounge.

The family enjoyed their fair share of cards, scrabble and that game with the pebbles. What is that one called?

Crew had no shortage of admirers who wanted to play with him. I think his expression here sums it up nicely.

Such a nice place to relax. Loved it, just loved it.

Disclaimer: We took this vacation the last week in July and I am just posting about it now because I am trying to avoid being post-less this month. Hoping to get my camera back from my more posts coming soon.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lazy Saturday Afternoon

After a couple extra busy weeks of work, chores and places to go, we enjoyed a Saturday afternoon at home. Crew and I were able to lay out a blanket under the shade of our biggest tree and just relax.

I love watching him taking in new things that he has never seen before.

Don't you just love how the shadows bounce around his little face?

He has been very excited about sucking on those little fingers lately. I am a little worried he may choose to take after his dad. Any guesses on how long Cole sucked his thumb? (love ya honey!)

My neighbor Liz came over to share this yummy watermelon. The perfect summer treat.

Oh, and did I mention that while we were sitting on our tushies Cole insalled the coolest new house numbers for us?

The duct tape was our super classy template. I plan to show them off once we finish a few other "front door" projects.

I <3 Saturdays.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Name and a Blessing

On Sunday May 30, 2010 we were able to officially give Crew a name and a blessing in our ward. Because of my sister's wedding the day before, we were able to benefit from the blessing of extra family in town for the special weekend.

Cole gave Crew a beautiful and simple blessing, encouraging him to learn the teachings of the gospel, courageously surround himself with good influences and look for opportunities to serve the Lord.

Following the blessing, we had the gang over for some food and family time. Thanks to my talented friend, Jarad, we have some awesome pictures of the festivities.

The first order of business was to document both sides of the family. In addition to everyone who lives in Utah, I was lucky enough to also have my sister Alyssa and brother Bryan in town from Arizona and Oregon. It felt wonderful to have so much of the family together.

We were also blessed that Wes and Stacy were able to join us from Texas. Here is a pic of the Lansford clan.

Because we were a little anxious to get the grill up and going we missed official photos of the Tipps and Richins, who were also wonderful enough to join us for the party.

Grill, did you say grill? Yes, my friends. Cole finally got his grill. This has been a desired purchase since the day we went under contract for our beautiful patio-less backyard.

I warn you. The man makes a killer kabob.

Don't you love how fancy photography can make regular food look special? :)

We love our friends (here and here).

Katie, how did we not get a cute picture together?

Such a fun day.

Yes, he got stuck and wasn't sure how to get back down.

Nothing like a little weekend sunbathing.

Last but not least. My little guy was such a champ. Between his Binky, a quick nap before the BBQ and all the "loves" from his favorite people, Crew was such a good little boy.

Couldn't you just eat him up?