Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lazy Saturday Afternoon

After a couple extra busy weeks of work, chores and places to go, we enjoyed a Saturday afternoon at home. Crew and I were able to lay out a blanket under the shade of our biggest tree and just relax.

I love watching him taking in new things that he has never seen before.

Don't you just love how the shadows bounce around his little face?

He has been very excited about sucking on those little fingers lately. I am a little worried he may choose to take after his dad. Any guesses on how long Cole sucked his thumb? (love ya honey!)

My neighbor Liz came over to share this yummy watermelon. The perfect summer treat.

Oh, and did I mention that while we were sitting on our tushies Cole insalled the coolest new house numbers for us?

The duct tape was our super classy template. I plan to show them off once we finish a few other "front door" projects.

I <3 Saturdays.


Nicole and Scott said...

He is so delicious...I love his expressions!

Heather said...

Crew is way cute! It is so fun to watch them take every thing in!

Does Crew still take a pacifier? Or does he just suck his fingers? That is what Ayla did and she still sucks her 2 fingers.

Can't wait to see the new front door!