Monday, April 12, 2010

One Month In

Crew's First Month (and glowing accomplishments) In Review:

-Meeting the Families
-Nursing (pretty) well
-Hanging in his Boppy
-Perching on Daddy's shoulder
-Sleeping in the Pack N Play
-Demanding his pacifier
-Immediately spitting it out
-Smirking and smiling during his BMs

The past month has flown by and I can hardly believe how much Crew is growing. I am also surprised at how much I have enjoyed getting to spend almost every minute with this lil guy. I feel like I have a new little buddy for all my daily activities and revel in each of his milestones and changes. What a whirlwind of events, emotions and learning moments for both Cole and I.

Not surprisingly, I am now convinced the motherhood will be the hardest and most rewarding venture of my life. I am so grateful for the privilege to be Crew's mother.