Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This is where the magic happens...

or something equally awkward like that...

After five years of hand-me-down furniture (that I hated), mismatched bedding, and no decor of which to speak, Cole and I decided to make redoing our master bedroom a priory. My hope is to finish it before the weather gets nice so then we can focus our attention outside.

This weekend we were able to get the walls, ceiling and baseboards painted. In the first picture, the walls look purple, but are really Granite Gray. We also assembled the beautiful new bed that has been sitting in our garage for two weeks. The boys were good sports for my picture taking craziness.

I also started sanding my oh-so-lovely new-to-me ksl dresser. While still a hand-me-down of sorts, I am loving this and pretty sure it is going to end up an amazingly cheerful yellow!

With a lightfixture, bedding, art, and accessories to go...I'm so excited!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Adventures in the life...

My sister, Nicole, was on Spring Break for work so we got to tag along on a few adventures with her and Nixsen this week. On Monday, we took the kids to the Discovery Gateway Children's Museum. Need I say more? Crew loved it. He spent two perfectly content hours splashing in water, gardening, coming down the slide and building with giant blocks.

His eyes were as big as doughnut holes as he watched all the older kids run around. For a kid who is most speedy as a crawler, he was much more interested in me helping him walk from display to display. I think he definitely felt some peer pressure to be walking.

Cousin Nixsen felt like a pro at the museum and did such a good job of showing Crew just how everything worked!

And....totally unrelated to the information above, I got tired of our usual lunch fare this week and decided to feed Crew some pasta and marinara sauce. About two bites in, I realized what a messy lunch this would be. Yes, I had to mop and wipe everything within four square feet of his plate....but look at that smile! He was sick of my sandwiches, too.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Glamorous Yard Work

In addition to enjoying General Conference, we were able to steal a few hours in between sessions to try and keep momentum in the yard.

Earlier in the week, we had a visit from the aeration men.

I seriously hate all the turd looking clumps but Cole has me convinced it was a necessary step towards the luscious yard I so desire. I thought I could avoid it by saying it was too expensive, but it turns out that it's really cheap. Dirt cheap, even. :)

All the dirt clumps did result in some entertaining footage of the lil guy. Not sure how much dirt he ate before we noticed but the evidence is all over his face. The joys of parenting a little boy.

Untitled from Maura Lansford on Vimeo.

In our quest for the perfect-for-us yard, we are currently doing a lot of removing. It's free and getting rid of ugly is the first step towards making it beautiful! We're trying to brainstorm uses for 60 perfectly good (but ugly) cement cylinders.... Ideas?