Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Home for the Unmentionables

After weeks of half-hearted efforts to finished the dresser...it finally lives in the master bedroom full of our socks and other unmentionables.

Over the course of this project I learned a few valuable lessons about refinishing second-hand furniture.
  • Measure the distance between the holes for the hardware. I wanted to switch out the hardware for something a little more sleek. However, my dresser happens to have custom hardware in a size that apparently doesn't exist anywhere on the Internet. Luckily, the pulls have grown on me.
  • Open and close every drawer before making an offer to the seller. I opened four of the five onsite only to realize when we got home that one of the drawers wasn't lined up with the others. Luckily, I know my way around a power sander.
  • Check to see if the drawers can be removed. Trying to paint drawers while they are still inside a dresser=complicated contortionist positions to get the entire surface area covered. Luckily, in a young, skinner life, I was a very limber dancer.
  • Don't be afraid to try colors or finishes that are new to you. My heart yearned for a glossy, loud yellow. After some of the challenges above, I opted to add a dark gloss to some of the edges to cover mistakes. Luckily, I don't totally hate shabby chic.
  • Buy the fancy, thick wrapping paper upfront. For the lining of the drawers, I learned the messy way that the cute Target gift wrap, ain't gonna cut it. A week of waiting and one roll of SMOCK paper later, I was able to achieve the desired effect.
  • Always negotiate a lower price. After nixing 5-10 dressers that would have cost well over $700, we were overly excited about the prospect of a custom-looking dresser for $100 plus the cost of paint and supplies. As you can see from the bullets above, also factor in surprise expenses and the laziness bug that may hit you mid-project. Luckily, we still saved a TON of Moolah!
Verdict: We love it!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


"All-That Married Couple In Search of (a precious) Kid"

Did you notice the snazzy new button on the side bar of our blog? Of course, silly me! Everyone uses a blog reader, right?

Well then, for all of you who don't actually visit the site, you should check out the newly-added adoption button for some of our dearest friends ever!

Last week was the six-month anniversary of their LDS Adoption profile "being live," so I figured it was about time I "friend-up" and do my part to spread the word to whatever portion of my friends and family don't cross with theirs.

By way of introduction...
we met Jarad and Ashely Reddekopp in 2006 as newly weds while living in a upstanding and very reasonably-priced Midvale apartment complex (code for totally ghetto and full of gang violence). Since the boys worked together in the Elder's Quorum, we got to know them quickly and instantly hoped they would think we were cool and fun enough to be friends.

Fast forward through a year of ward activities and game nights. Before we knew it, they were moving to Millcreek and we were off to Sugarhood. They wouldn't be able to shake us. It was during this time they announced to us they were ready to start their family. I remember because it was the night we took the Fun Bus to Wendover and back. Remember how crazy those little old ladies thought we were crazy for being excited about winning 20 bucks?

Any who.

Little did they know that the journey to grow their family would have winding turns, valleys, bumps and a lot of heartache. Three years of it in fact.

During this time, they stayed busy graduating from school, working new jobs, traveling together, developing talents, and having fun with great friends (and new neighbors), us!

Better job opportunities took them to Colorado a year ago but we still see them as much as we can. If you follow this blog you may remember some of our joint adventures here, here, here and here.

And every night we pray for the birth mother who will be the blessing which will allow my best friend's to have the blessing for which they hope for the most.

Cutting to the chase.

Please take a minute to click on the side bar and get to know a little more about this amazing couple. You can also read a letter to their birthmother, a fun survey and see pictures on their LDS Adoption profile.

If you are as touched by their story as I am, please add their adoption button to your blog too. You never know who in your life maybe in a situation to answer their prayers.

We love you guys!