Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Night on Temple Square

On Monday night, Crew and I met Cole downtown for our first annual trip to see the lights. Being that it was the week of Christmas and Family Night, the place was a Zoo. However, we both commented how much friendlier of a Zoo it was in comparison to oh, maybe Fashion Place Mall this time of year. :)

One of my favorite parts was the little system people came up with for finding and securing a parking spot. As we were unloading the baby and all of his gear, we had several cars roll up, lower the window and holler, "Coming or Going?." For some reason I loved the random and yet, very effective nature of the cat call.

As you can see, the lil man wasn't overly thrilled to be out in the cold past his bed time. Lucky for us he was still a good sport though.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hey Good Lookin'

Have I mentioned how much I love the men in my life? Between a week-long business trip to New Jersey and two weeks of prepping end-of-quarter roll overs, I am looking forward to every second I can squeeze in with my two best guys.

(Shameless pic of my handsome pair right before church today!)

The end of the week and my long holiday weekend can't come fast enough! :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ring in the Season

The changes in my life and schedule this year sure allowed me to reevaluate the way Cole and I have celebrated Christmas in the past. It may just be the addition of a babe, but boy, am I excited to celebrate Christmas.

We decided to kick off the month by visiting the Festival of Trees. We had never been and it didn't disappoint. We got to see more than 800 different elaborately decorated Christmas trees. Extravagant and amazing don't even begin to cover the caliber of trees and the intricate displays. It was also incredibly humbling to see the pictures and read the stories of loved ones who had been treated at Primary Children's Hospital.

I should have taken more pictures but each aisle seemed more impressive (and crowded) than the last. Crew did enjoy a new point of view, though!

We could have spent hours there but it was off to set up for the ward Christmas party that night. We were given the awesome task of creating centerpieces that cost a total of zero dollars. Luckily, I had some very classy stuffing left over from Cole's Halloween costume. Add that to a few of our favorite Christmas decorations, and you have a totally free centerpiece. Everyone raved about Crew's new Lil People Nativity. Call me crazy, but I kept my eye on that one. I didn't want some cute kid going home with our Baby Jesus!

The evening's special guest had a fellow imposer. What? Not the real deal? Could have fooled me!

Although I have to say, Crew was less than impressed with the Jolly ol' Elf.

We are a little bit sad that the Activities Committee is being disbanded but secretly excited that we will enjoy next year's ham and funeral potatoes from the comfort of a metal chair. :)

Yeah for the start of Christmas fun!