Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Night on Temple Square

On Monday night, Crew and I met Cole downtown for our first annual trip to see the lights. Being that it was the week of Christmas and Family Night, the place was a Zoo. However, we both commented how much friendlier of a Zoo it was in comparison to oh, maybe Fashion Place Mall this time of year. :)

One of my favorite parts was the little system people came up with for finding and securing a parking spot. As we were unloading the baby and all of his gear, we had several cars roll up, lower the window and holler, "Coming or Going?." For some reason I loved the random and yet, very effective nature of the cat call.

As you can see, the lil man wasn't overly thrilled to be out in the cold past his bed time. Lucky for us he was still a good sport though.


Katie said...

Beautiful tradition! Sure miss you all and the beautiful temple square scene this Christmas!

Nicole and Scott said...

Love, Love!