Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ol' Saint Nic

Christmas week, I decided it was time to make the plunge and take Crew to see Santa at the mall.

The Bukey sisters decided to make an afternoon of it and met up for a chics-only lunch at Jason's Deli. It was so nice to hang with my favorite ladies for a few hours amid the craziness of the holidays.

I think Crew felt like such a big boy in his high chair as Grandma "sneaked" him tiny pieces of fruit from the salad bar.

After lunch we headed to the mall to see Santa. An hour and a half of waiting in line later....

hmmmm. Maybe next year? :)


Brett and Linnae said...

don't worry Caroline did the same thing- she freaked out when it was her turn to sit with Santa- Brett ended up having to sit with her-so,yeah hopefully next year :-) hope you guys had a good christmas!!

Lacey said...

Gracie (almost 4) still won't sit on Santa's lap. I think the Santas in Idaho are kinda creepy to her or something. Trystan (2) climbed up and said, "Want Lightning car... PEEZ!"

I guess we know who got my outgoing gene, huh? LOL!