Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wedding Shower of Firsts

So have I mentioned that my baby sister is getting married? Yep, its true. It is hard to believe that she is really all grown up but we couldn't be more excited for the couple-to-be.

In their honor, we hosted a bridal shower last weekend complete with:

a mini candy station

a tree of well wishes

along with tons of creative gifts to help the couple celebrate their many upcoming "firsts." Here she is opening her first junk drawer. I mean, how can you start your marriage without post its, tape, pens and a box of Trojans? Aren't my sisters-in-law the cutest?

Unfortunately, we were too busy running around organizing food, chatting with old friends and trying to get the fiance video interview to play to get better photos of us sisters enjoying ourselves.

Note to self: Snap more exciting pics once everyone (including Alyssa!) is in town for the wedding next week.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Dear Crew,
You are just a little over two months old and every day you fill my life with more joy than I ever knew was possible. Every coo, smile and clasp of your little fingers hits me to my core. There are moments when I just look at you, lift my hand to my heart, pat twice and say "Pitter Pat." My heart is not quite sure what to do with all this new found love.

I love getting to watch your growing little leg rolls, facial expressions and sounds as you begin to discover your little voice.

I am so excited for everything to come.

Thanks for being my new little bud.