Sunday, September 19, 2010

In True Oklahoma Fashion

As all of you know I am not the blogger of the family but in this case we are making an exception. Last night we rounded up my sisters and headed out to the State Fair. Crew got his first up close exposure to cows, goats, sheep, and rabbits. He couldn't help but just stare and I'm sure in his mind he was saying what the crap are those. No pony rides yet for the little man...but for Maura it was a different story...

Along came "T-Bone" the bull, the State Fair's own mechanical bull. We couldn't help but see if this Oklahoma girl still had any country in her. tell me? The evidence is pretty convincing!

Will someone please get this one a hat and some boots!

On another note, Today, Maura hits the big 27! Happy birthday from Crew and I. We Love you SO much! Thanks for being a wonderful Wife and Mom.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Game Faces: Crew @ Utah Football Game

So as much as I love to stay positive about what I post on my blog, I have a little confession. Remember when we were so excited to take our 6 month old son to a University of Utah football game?

We gave it a whirl last weekend and came away with a big fat FAIL on that one.
As a preface, I did the best I could to create the best scenario possible.

Fact: I woke up an hour early to get his schedule "on track" to have him just waking up as we arrived at the game. Hopefully, giving us three happy (awake) hours to cheer on the Utes. I was sure that he might be a little fussy at the end from being tired, but Cole and I agreed that we could live with leaving a few minutes early if need be.

Fact: I had a full bottle to handle the hunger situation.

Fact: We were armed with our baby ear plugs. Having successfully used them through several Bees games this summer, I was silly enough to think they would block out most of the noise.

Result: Crew was in the stadium a total of 2 minutes before he was belligerently screaming. Nothing I did could calm him down. I learned that my son is talented enough to cry and drink a bottle at the same time.

So Crew and I retreated under the stadium, found a little shade and snapped this phone pic.

And, yes, Aunt Baylee will be babysitting for the rest of the season. :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Laborious Labor Day :)

The home of our dreams has left much to be desired in the way of a back yard but we have dreams and visions of it becoming a place where we love to host parties, watch Crew play and just hang out. Unfortunately, hosting much of anything has proved to be difficult since the home never had so much as a slab of concrete to house the beloved grill.

We were able to make the space work for Crew's blessing party, thanks to a tent rental, but I hardly doubt my husband will let me rent a tent every time we want company over.

So when we saw that a neighbor was extending his driveway, my excavating-skilled brother would be in town for a few weeks and we had a long weekend to dig... it lit the fire under our butts for getting started on a patio.

So here is a little "before" action for ya. We spent Saturday marking out what we wanted, moving all those rocks from underneath the stairs and rototilling a beatiful 13x13 section of our lawn.

Don't be fooled, people, the ground above looks all soft and ready for digging but you are wrong. Beneath the first 2 inches of dirt lay a hot mess of white clay. As an Oklahoma gal, I am used to working with this hard and stubborn stuff but what a surprise to find it here in Utah!

We opted to run a slow sprinkler over the ground on Sunday evening so that the ground would be ready for us first thing Monday morning.

And then we dug,

and dug,

and, seriously, dug some more.

By the end of Monday, we had a beautiful 8-inch deep hole in our back yard. Next we have to get the framing up and fill the first few inches with gravel. But first, we need a few days to regain feeling in our backs and shoulders. :)

My neighbors always question what we do with Crew while we are working. Have they met my kid? He took two amazing naps and chilled in his pack and play under a tree while he was awake. Love him!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Time for Kick Off

The Lansford clan has anxiously awaited the start of the Utah Utes' football season. We scouted all over town for the best priced gear (yeah for padded seating), followed up often on the estimated arrival date for our season tickets and blocked out the dates of every home game on our various calendars.

And just when we thought we couldn't wait any longer... the big day arrived. Although Cole had to remain professional (the season opener was a Thursday), Crew and I dawned our crimson gear for the entire day.

Check out our little stud. Don't know if you noticed, but he loves red.

We decided to leave the lil man with Aunt Baylee and Taylor for the evening game, but can't wait for him to join us this weekend when we have an afternoon game.

Go Utes!