Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Game Faces: Crew @ Utah Football Game

So as much as I love to stay positive about what I post on my blog, I have a little confession. Remember when we were so excited to take our 6 month old son to a University of Utah football game?

We gave it a whirl last weekend and came away with a big fat FAIL on that one.
As a preface, I did the best I could to create the best scenario possible.

Fact: I woke up an hour early to get his schedule "on track" to have him just waking up as we arrived at the game. Hopefully, giving us three happy (awake) hours to cheer on the Utes. I was sure that he might be a little fussy at the end from being tired, but Cole and I agreed that we could live with leaving a few minutes early if need be.

Fact: I had a full bottle to handle the hunger situation.

Fact: We were armed with our baby ear plugs. Having successfully used them through several Bees games this summer, I was silly enough to think they would block out most of the noise.

Result: Crew was in the stadium a total of 2 minutes before he was belligerently screaming. Nothing I did could calm him down. I learned that my son is talented enough to cry and drink a bottle at the same time.

So Crew and I retreated under the stadium, found a little shade and snapped this phone pic.

And, yes, Aunt Baylee will be babysitting for the rest of the season. :)


Katie said...

So sad! I'm guessing it would be any different at a Y game either ;)

Jar & Ash said...

Poor thing! Doesn't he know how much he loves the Utes?! I bet he was just trying to learn how to cheer! :)

Heather said...

How disappointing! I am sorry! He looks cute in his shirt though!