Monday, April 22, 2013

Potty Dance

We are officially in the throes of potty training at the Lansford house. An episode at the library last week put me over the edge and convinced me that we need to bite the bullet and get our little one trained. 

We are only three days in, and have the "hiccup" of Crew being at the sitters for half of the day now, but I remain resolute that we can get this done. 

On the up side, Crew is a good sport about "Potty Practice," loves his big boy underwear and putting stickers on his Lightning McQueen potty chart and does really well when he needs to go and he is already on the potty for a regularly scheduled practice.

Our accidents keep falling in between regularly scheduled times on the potty. Any suggestions, fellow Moms?

Adding a sticker to his Lightning McQueen Chart

Cashing in on a reward for a successful potty time!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Easter Weekend

I am so grateful for this past weekend and the opportunity to reflect on everything that is good, wonderful and just plain beautiful in my life. 

This time of year can get gloomy and totally drive you batty if you let it. If you disagree, don't tell me, let me live in denial that everyone struggles a little while waiting for Spring to commit to arriving. :)

Luckily for us, we were blessed with completely gorgeous weather for Easter Weekend. 

Saturday morning we kicked off the weekend eating chocolate chip muffins and dying eggs with Crew for the first time. He didn't like waiting for the colors to get deep, so to be honest, he spent most of the time playing with playdough. 

He was, at least, willing to pose for this sweet photo with the "eggies"
My family celebrates Easter morning with a picnic breakfast on the family room floor. Mom would spread out the blanket and fill it with our dyed Easter eggs, mini cinna buns and lots of yummy fruit.  We recreate that but opt to use the coffee table as a buffer for the living room rug. And since both my boys HATE hard boiled eggs, we borrow a breakfast casserole from Cole's mom to round out the menu and make everyone happy. 

Easter always seems like a great excuse to bulk up on our church materials. Crew loved the Jesus books the Easter bunny brought him.

I am sad that we didn't take time for a family photo but Cole managed a few special shots of the lil man.

Watch out, ladies!

Then it was off to Grandma Janice's house for an egg hunt and yummy dinner.