Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Home from the Springs.

We were able to sneak away for a long weekend to visit our favorite people in Colorado Springs--Jarad and Ashley!

It had been a few months since we saw them last so when a cheap flight deal landed on the weekend of a Utah vs. Air Force game, there was no turning back.

After flying into Denver and driving down to the Springs, we decided to check out the Western Omelette. A local burrito joint, made famous by it incredibly hot green chili sauce. The restaurant's motto is "Can you take the heat?," and boy, did we try. Cole was brave and tried the hot sauce. The rest of us agreed the mild had more than enough zing and flavor for our taste buds.

That night Ashley's brother and sister-in-law were gracious enough to watch the bambino for us while we rooted on the Utes to a close victory over Air Force. Our camera was left in the car so maybe a few of Ashley's photos will make their way on here later?

Sunday afternoon we made our way over to the Garden of the Gods. Wow, what a cool place to walk, jog, climb and bike.

Cole loves to perch our son in random places that look dangerous and then send pics to Grandma Lansford to make her freak out. We were also able to snag a few fun family pics.

A too-chilly-for-Crew Monday morning canceled a short hike that we had planned but all was made right when Jarad's boss surprised us and sent him home with the day off. With an entire day to play, we headed to Denver.

I had never been to the Denver Temple so we took a few minutes to stroll around the grounds and snap pics.

Although none of us are overly fish-loving people, we decided to check out the Denver Aquarium for the lil man. Two and a half hours later, we left still talking about the many cool, disgusting and amazing creatures inside.

As you can see, the visit to see the fish was a big hit with both my guys.

On our way out we ate an early dinner at Beau Joes. Winner, Winner, Pizza dinner! This place had the freshest toppings and to-die-for whole wheat crust. The crust is so yummy and thick, in fact, that they bring out honey for you eat with the crust separately. At this point in the day, I was lazy and didn't take any pics, but another great place to eat if you are ever in Colorado.

With full bellies and a tired lil boy it was time to head back to the airport. Thanks for such a fun weekend guys!


Nicole and Scott said...

I had no idea you were going to do so many fun things there! Looks awesome!

Hurst said...

Crew reminds me of the traveling gnome making his way around the world! "Here's Crew in the wilderness. Here's Crew at the temple." Love it!

Hurst said...

Crew reminds me of the little traveling gnome making his way around the world! "Here's Crew in the wilderness. Here's Crew at the Temple." Love it!

Katie said...

You are seriously one hot mama! Those pictures are great