Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Simple Pleasures

As cliche as it sounds, I swear that I will never judge other mothers again. (Glancing upward watching for lightning to strike) But seriously, I really wish that I never will again.

Everyday I am proved wrong about my former perceptions of the life of a stay-at-home, work-from-home, insert-your-situation-here mom. Gone are my assumptions of "all the time in the world" to craft, read, cook, clean, budget, serve, etc. I feel accomplished to just shower, work a few hours, have the bed made and grilled cheese 'n ham sandwiches on the table by 7 when Cole comes home. :0

With that in mind, I decided to celebrate a few projects that I am especially excited to have done. Because in my world, they are my recent, simple pleasures.

Finishing the quilt for Stratton James Depew.

My sister welcomed her first baby to the world two weeks ago, and this quilt was finished and in mail just after his arrival. I average about one quilt project a year (usually prompted by a birth) and this was my second of the year. I love putting my heart and a few pricked fingers into a gift that will be used by the person I love. Since Stratton is so far away, I like thinking that he will wrapped up in my love before he even meets me. Cheesy, yes. True, double yes.

Filling the blank void above Crew's changing table.

I have pined for this wall hanging since three weeks before Crew was born.

Since they never went on sale, I finally had to face the fact that I needed to fill the void with something else.

My favorite photo from Crew's newborn session was a no brainer but big, inexpensive art can be hard to come by. I snatch up the rainbow/family print while at a baby blessing in Utah county. I went out in the hall and found a table of art work the church library was giving away. Cole was mortified that I took it, but why not, right?

The ABC's were actually a puzzle we found on sale while at the Pottery Barn outlet last month. I love the colors and there is no way I could have found a 24x36 piece of art for that price!

The Patio is Finally Poured.
Yes, we prepped the ground for the patio back in September. Yes, my husband was pouring concrete while snowing was swirling around him. Yes, I will be enjoying a mug of hot chocolate on this concrete slab in exactly one week (once it is cured). (

Hurray for the little things!


Jenny said...

Great job, everything looks awesome!

Nicole and Scott said...

This is so fun to see. I am very impressed with the quilt...I am glad you were able to find someone...I know Alyssa will love it!!!

Katie said...

LOVE the quilt pattern! LOVE the picture of Crew! Can't wait to sit on your patio sometime with you. Need to plan a trip!

Casey and Allie said...

WOW! You have gotten a lot accomplished!!! I LOVE Crew's room. Since we only have a one bedroom apt, I won't get to decorate a cute room, but, I'm currently struggling to decorate what we have. Big decisions!

Cameron, Shannon Voge said...

Amen to that Sister.

Jamie said...

You're killing me that you titled this post "simple pleasures". Every one of these projects looks like a serious undertaking, let alone getting ALL of them done. Nice work!!! I love that puzzle/picture in Crew's room. Things like that are so much better than just buying something. Congrats on all of it!

Heather said...

I totally know what you mean, I thought being a stay at home mom I would have a lot of time to do things too. Not the case for me either. I showered tonight at 7:30 pm.

Love the quilt! So darling! you did such a great job!

Love the photo of Crew looking at his pictures! Too cute! I love the wall hangings they look just as cute as the ones you wanted!

Cole did a fabulous job pouring that cement! It looks so perfect!

Scotty and Michelle said...

I know exactly how you feel, and I don't even have a child to throw into the mix!
The quilt is adorable and I too love the artwork in Crew's room!!

Jared and Laura said...

Maura, you're amazing!! The quilt is beautiful, and I love the wall hangings in your nursery!

Angie Whitaker said...

Wow, that is an absolutely amazing quilt! Wish I was able to do that! Beautiful.