Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ghoulishy Good Times

This week our ward hosted a Fall Party/Costume Parade at the ward house (don't you love how PC we are?). We started out with an easy dinner of sloppy joes and salads while everyone arrived and got settled.

Being on the committee, Cole and I got to plan and MC the entertainment aka "Minute to Win it" games. We had a couple games for the adults including Junk in the Truck and Dizzy Mummy. So glad we have good sports in our ward!

I had no idea how excited the kids would be by the games. We did Hanky Panky, Dizzy Mummy and the Paper Dragon. Even after the party, the kids were asking if they could take turn trying out the games.

Right after the games, the kids got to parade around the gym in their costumes while collecting candy from the adults. I was able to catch a few favorites for a pic. While I don't have pictures to support it, it is worth noting that the world is indeed safe...I counted no fewer than nine Buzz Lightyears ready to fly off and save the day.

At first I was bummed we didn't get to decorate cars in true Tunk or Treat fashion, boy, did I change my mind when we looked outside. Over the course of the party, it snowed an inch!

And of course, our favorite lil monkey!


Katie said...

Wow! There were some great costumes. Looks like you guys know how to throw a good party! Love that little monkey!!

Melissa said...

Looks like a great event! I work at NBC's Minute To Win It and am always looking for fan videos of our games being played to put in packages for commercials. Were any videos taken during this event?

If interested in sharing it with NBC please contact me at