Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Between Crew being under the weather, family pictures and conference, we had quite the busy weekend. That being said, we did head up to Ogden to hang with the Bukeys and the Richins on Sunday afternoon.

Crew made a new friend in my older sister's dog, Ty. As you can see, Ty was the perfect gentleman until Crew decided to poke the puppy in the eye. I am surprised that Crew took to the dog so well. Cole and I are both "not animal people." Period.

Kinda feel bad for the lil guy that he will never a pup of his own but at least he will always have one of my sibling's pets to play with (my sister is always working her husband over to get a few more).

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Jar & Ash said...

SO stinking cute!! I hope he takes to Sadie as well. :) She isn't nearly as calm though...but she will have a few weeks of doggy school in when you come, so hopefully that will help! Can't wait to see ya!