Wednesday, October 20, 2010

He likes it! Hey Crew!

Now that Crew is creeping up on 7.5 months old, I decided that we really needed to take the plunge and try some rice cereal. I have avoided it for a few months now because nursing is so easy and honestly, this cloth diapering mama is not looking forward to the changes it will bring to our diaper changes. :)

That being said, we surged ahead.

Crew was already familiar with his baby spoons and bright orange bowl, as we had been letting him play with those when he started showing interest in our food at meals. He loves to suck on them and more recently is throwing them on the floor and then looking up at me expectantly to pick them up.

I mixed his cereal with a little bit of milk so it would be a recognizable flavor. As I inched in for the first bite, I decided to follow the wise advise from Hitch: I would go 90% and let him come the remaining 10%.

At first he didn't seem sure how to best work the spoon. However, after a few awkward licks, sucks and a little spill, we started to get the hang of things. Worked like a charm. He ate almost the entire serving.

Since the initial introduction, we have limited cereal feedings to about once a day. But looking at this face makes me think I should be doing them more often. This little guy really likes his eats!


Katie said...

Haha! Love that you went 90/10! Can't say no, to that smile, unless the diaper product is too far gone!

Jared and Laura said...

I can't believe he's already eating real food...or semi real food.:) He's so cute, I love his little grin! And your family pictures in your other post are beautiful! Love the vibrant colors!

Chris, T and Kate said...

Um, please..I LOVE the fam photos! How stink'n cute are you guys!! We need to get together bytheway!

Heather said...

I know what you mean about the diapers. I was a little wherry about that too. It brings on a whole new ball game!

How exciting that he has taken this step! It is so fun to watch them grow!