Monday, April 4, 2011

Glamorous Yard Work

In addition to enjoying General Conference, we were able to steal a few hours in between sessions to try and keep momentum in the yard.

Earlier in the week, we had a visit from the aeration men.

I seriously hate all the turd looking clumps but Cole has me convinced it was a necessary step towards the luscious yard I so desire. I thought I could avoid it by saying it was too expensive, but it turns out that it's really cheap. Dirt cheap, even. :)

All the dirt clumps did result in some entertaining footage of the lil guy. Not sure how much dirt he ate before we noticed but the evidence is all over his face. The joys of parenting a little boy.

Untitled from Maura Lansford on Vimeo.

In our quest for the perfect-for-us yard, we are currently doing a lot of removing. It's free and getting rid of ugly is the first step towards making it beautiful! We're trying to brainstorm uses for 60 perfectly good (but ugly) cement cylinders.... Ideas?


Nicole and Scott said...

So unbelievably cute!!!

Katie said...

Sell them on craigslist!

Sara said...

I agree, the kid is too cute- the cement cylinders not so much! What to do??? you got me.

Heather said...

Such a cute video! I love to hear you as a mom!

scotty said...

You could always use the concrete cylinders as a garden border, or a border on both sides of a gravel path. I could draw up some ideas for you if you want. (Scotty)