Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Marriage Is What Brings Us Together Today

Gotta reference a classic where you can, right?
Saturday of our jam-packed Memorial Day weekend included my sister Anne's wedding. The happy couple was married and celebrated their special day at Tuscany Gardens in Roy, Utah. Despite my best efforts to fulfill my bridesmatronly duties and document with photography, the photos in this post have been shanghaied from Michelle Raye's blog, my sister's uber talented photographer. (Her photos are clearly watermarked)
We were lucky enough to have almost everyone there (we missed you Briggs!) and were super excited that our aunt and cute cousins were able to make it down from Montana.
I know I am biased, but isn't my cousin Carson the cutest ever? The couple had an outdoor wedding surrounded by family and friends. As the bishop of my parent's ward was conducting the ceremony I couldn't help but think back to the day that Cole and I were married. So excited, a little nervous and unable to snag a bite of that delicious food we had spent so much time planning.

Like Anne and Lucas' ceremony, we too were told that the most successful marriages were those that included not two but three individuals.

That Christ, at the center of any marriage, is a the rock that will help you pull you through tough times, savor the beautiful ones and overlook those *dang* dress socks your husband never quite manages to get into the dirty clothes bin. OK, so maybe I added that last one on my own. :)

Seriously, though.

We love you guys and are super excited for your new journey together!


Heather said...

What a beautiful wedding! Congrats to your sister Ann and her new hubby!

Katie said...

I just went to the photography blog, and I didn't realize how many beautiful bridals Anne had! Love the quote! Quite necessary

Nicole and Scott said...

Still so beautful and I am so glad that someone documents our family's lives! You are the best!