Thursday, June 3, 2010

Family Fun Night

Days after, I am still basking in the fun we had over this Memorial day weekend. We were able to host family and friends for a wedding, baby blessing and birthday party all packed into just a few days.

The night before Annie's wedding us sisters had a grand plan to take her out on the town for one last night of bachelorhood-like freedom. This ended up being a struggle as we tried to figure out what would be fun for us old fart mommies and Anne's friends (college freshmen). We were also torn about leaving our two bros who were in town for all the festive activities.

Hence, emerged Family Fun Night.

We loaded up the cars and proceeded to Ogden's finest bowling alley and arcade. There was bowling, "dance, dance revolutioning," pizza and lots of laughs.

What a fun night! I love you guys!


Jared and Laura said...

Looks like tons of fun!! You have such a cute family.

Nicole and Scott said...

I love the fam!

Heather said...

I think you picked the prefect thing to do! I love boweling! Looks like you guys had a great night!