Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rain = Outdoor Shopping

The rain this weekend kept us from working on a few outdoor projects so...we decided to head to Park City for a little retail therapy. For anyone who knows me, I love me some outlet shopping. We always start at the bottom of the outdoor mall by JCrew and then slowly make our way around.

With our beautiful lil addition we have now learned that if we want to make it to even half our favorite stores, we must hustle and choose our stores wisely.

Armed with a bottle and two diapers still didn't afford us a full three hours of shopping.

That being said, I learn a few tricks every time we go.
So far:

Tip 1: Be prepared to changed a diaper on the pubic changer or on the front seat of the car. You never know when the family bathroom will be occupied by a mall employee who is trying to change her clothes for a date.

Tip 2: The mall has one rocking chair for nursing mothers. A quick trip in advance to every bathroom may be necessary to locate. In case of a meltdown, it will be worth it.

Tip 3: The Crocs store has a pair of cushy chairs at the front of their store. Low traffic and a husband who is great at acting like he is anxiously looking for a pair of shoes will score you at least a half hour sit. (Should you have made the mistake of not locating the rocking chair)

Tip 4: Always bring your carrier canopy and a blanket. The mall designed the ramped areas (for handicapped and stroller-ed guests ) outside the covered walk ways. Staying dry or in the shade will be nearly impossible.

Tip 5: Purposefully forget your water bottle in the car. By the time to make it to the top of the hill, you will be dying of thirst and will be "forced" to make a trip to the TCBY by Old Navy. SCORE!

Discount shopping, whatever the hassles, is totally worth it. I will share more wisdom as I learn. For now I will leave you with a few shots of us before we left, while we were still dry.


Katie said...

Umm adorable hat, especially with Crew smiling underneath it! Love the comment about Cole looking for Crocs.

Nicole and Scott said...

You are literally one of my favorite writers ever!!!

Cheris said...

What a cute little smile!!! He is ADORABLE!!!

Heather said...

Oh I have mastered changing a diaper while Ayla is standing. You got to do what you got to do.

You little guy is so cute!