Friday, April 25, 2008

Moment of Triumph

As maid of honor for my best friend in the whole world, I was given the distinct honor and privilege of selecting the maid of honor dresses. Bare in mind we are all endowed (sleeves), different ages (and styles) and to top it all off, the other two will be 4 and 5 months pregnant on the day of the wedding.

Top choices from the gang included dresses such as:

After much deliberation, the final section arose victorious...

In the ever popular (currently sold out) berry color. (That is a whole other story.)

Regardless, I think this one is going to be fabulous!


Jar & Ash said...

very very cute! And probably won't need any altering for sleeves for baby tummies! How fun!

The Hartle's said...

I love the first two, so lacy and cute!

Becca said...

ooooh, love it! and then you can wear it to church too (which will come in handy for your new calling-congrats, you'll be great!).