Thursday, December 18, 2008

Our Night in Bethlehem

Over the past few months Cole and I had the opportunity to help plan the ward "Night in Bethlehem" Christmas party. While it was a ton of work and a little overwhelming, things went off without a hitch and I think everyone had a great time.

Mom and dad drove down to "support" us. Don't you love that sweet backdrop?

Everyone needed to be "counted."

Amazing drop ceiling installed by Brother Rowe

The town storyteller

Forgot your biblical attire? No worries!

"Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel..."

Cute carpenters passing out wooden ornaments

They ate,


And were properly respectful.

Thanks to everyone who helped! We could have never done it all without you, you and you. Ok, and everyone else who needs to get a blog. :)

*Thanks for the photos, Committee Chair Extrodinar Tiffany Runyon.


Heather Perry said...

Wow what a lot of fun. That would have been an awesome ward Christmas party. You Lansfords looked awesome. Is one of you part of the activities committee?

The Hartle's said...

Maura, this looks amazing! But I might say that I'm a tad bit jealous that you seem to like your new ward...

Katie said...

Wow! What an amazing activity. Obsessed with the drop ceiling/ your mom in that adorable Bethlehem attire. Good work!

Brett and Linnae said...

hey looks like you guys did a great job!! Everything is amazing!! Miss you guys!!

Nicole and Scott said...

WOW! You deserve alot of blessings.

Lauryl said...

Your ward Christmas party looks amazing! Wish we could have gone!

Cameron, Shannon Voge said...

Bethlehem turned out GREAT!!!! I would say I'm impressed, but that has your name written all over it!! You're so creative, and awesome at heading up projects... like always!