Monday, March 16, 2009

Ode to Cole

So today is Cole's 25th b-day and....

Obviously as his wife, I think he is totally wonderful and amazing but I thought his special day would be a good excuse to let him know some of the things his family loves most about him too.

1. "I would say that one of Cole's best qualities is that he is very easy going. It takes a lot to get Cole ruffled and in a dramatic family like ours...that's a great quality to have. He doesn't get upset easily and that makes him easy to be around and talk to. We love that he is friendly, mild mannered and just really easy to be around! There are not enough people in our life like this!"

-Nicole, sister-in-law

2. "So right when I got back from my mission, I wasn’t very good at handling social situations and I was determined to maintain my Spanish that I had learned. Well, a week after I got home we went to Angie Graves’ wedding reception. I was definitely out of my comfort zone. However I remember talking to Cole in Spanish quite a bit. Spanish was something that I loved and being able to talk to him in Spanish put me right back into my comfort zone.

I think another good memory is when we were all up at the cabin a few years ago. We all decided to have a race in the lake from the dock to the floating trampoline. I totally thought I was going to dominate because I was in better shape than all my brother’s-in-law. Well I started out fine but I quickly realized that I was not a swimmer. Needless to say, I didn’t win. Even though Cole “The Fish” Lansford did win, it was still pretty fun."

-Ben, brother-in-law

3. "His hair - - I love to play with his hair - - it’s thick and glossy…and he is so good natured, that he will lay there with his head on my lap and let me play with his hair for hours…


-Gail, aunt

4. " The thing I love most about Cole is that he has always been black and white, he has always had a testimony. I remember driving along one day, Cole was about 12. I said Cole do you have a testimony? He looked at me first really confused and then with so much conviction in his eyes and very matter of fact “Yes I do” And proceeded to bare his testimony. And then he said “Mom, why do you ask?” He has always been really good, very sweet. When he was 5 he was the only kid in primary that had all the Articles of Faith memorized. Going on a mission was never a question for him. He had one of those badges that said “Future Missionary” He always had to wear it to Primary.

When he was three or four we were driving playing the opposite game. After we had been playing for a while I said to him, trying to trip him up “What is the opposite of trees?” He thought for a minute and said “NO trees” He has always been black and white, never gray with him. I am so proud of the man that he has become. I have truly never had to worry about Cole I knew he would take care of the people and things he loves. He treats people with respect. He has integrity."

-Stacy, mum

5. "What can I say? I loved you the first time I met you. (even though I'd met you before :)) One of the things I most appreciate about you is how positive you are and how you always improve any situation with your great personality, your kind words, and your acceptance of others. Every time you're around, life is a little more fun. Thanks for being you and for making me smile."

-Janice, mother-in-law

6. "What do I love most about Cole - His brilliant Shirt/Tie combinations.

What is his best quality - His thick goatee."

-Scott, brother-in-law

7. "We love Cole because he is so nice and happy all the time.
He has been a great example to his cousins and we are so glad he is in UTAH!!!!!!!
He will eat anything I fix and say thank you for it as well.
We love him."

Cynthia, aunt

"His best quality is you! "
-Wes, dad

"One of things I love about Cole is his ability to make everyone he's around feel accepted and comfortable. His interest in others is part of that but I think it is one of his gifts of the spirit."

-Randy, father-in-law

10. "The thing I love best about Cole is that he is always happy and ready to have a good time. It is not hard to make him laugh or smile, and he makes you feel like you are exactly the person he wants to be hanging out with at that time. What a great guy!"
Alyssa, sister-in-law

Happy b-day, hon! We all love you!


Jar & Ash said...

Ditto to about everything that was said! Cole is a stellar friend and always cheerful. Hope you had a great birthday Cole!

Jared and Laura said...

What a nice tribute to the're so thoughtful, Maura! Hope Cole's birthday was fabulous, we were bummed we missed it.

Nicole and Scott said...

Good idea...I will probably copy and do the same thing but maybe everyone will have forgotten by November!

Chris and T... said...

What a fun idea are so sweet. It was fun to read what the fam had to say....we agree, Cole is great and very friendly and positive. Happy (belated) Birthday COLE!!

Chris and T... said...

What a fun idea are so sweet. It was fun to read what the fam had to say....we agree, Cole is great and very friendly and positive. Happy (belated) Birthday COLE!!

thinkHP said...

I love this picture :)
Happy Birthday to COLE!

The Hartle's said...

Man! Cole really is amazing... and you are the best wife ever! Miss you!

Heather Perry said...

Happy birthday Cole! What a great tribute to him. Nice work Maura putting that together. What a great birthday present.