Thursday, October 1, 2009

Snow is a good reminder

that at some point Cole and I needed get the furnace checked out.

When I was scouting out a good price for a furnace tune up this morning I came across this Utah Diva Deal.

$50.00=cleaning, lubricating, replacing filter, carbon check, green sticker and the peace of mind that heating our house this month won't result in burning down our new home.

The few companies I called this morning were quoting me upwards of 100 bucks, so check it out.

You just have to schedule an appointment before EOD tomorrow.


Katie said...

Wow! Is there snow on the ground in SLC? None here, yet... but our apartment is already freezing and I'm not a fan. I'm glad you're making sure your house doesn't burn down.

The Hartle's said...

THanks for the tip! We just fired up the furnace for the first time and were so relieved that it worked! One less thing to fix!