Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Love Day

Even though it is now Tuesday, I am still basking in the fun of a much-needed long weekend. In addition to the day off, Cole and I were lucky enough to have two house guests!

Ashley and Jarad were in town celebrating his grandpa's birthday and as hosts we got to steal them for the better part of the weekend.

Among the fun activities, the boys took us to Tepanyaki for a wonderful Valentines dinner. It was my first time at a hibachi grill and I had a blast as our cook sliced, diced, threw and prepared each portion of our meal.

Besides the good food and entertainment, it was awesome to have such good friends here to share it. Love you guys!


Nicole and Scott said...

Isn't Tepanyaki the best! We just went there the other night with Mom and Dad!

Jar & Ash said...

Thanks for a great weekend and yes, Tepanyaki is delicious! Love you guys!!

Hurst said...

The fried rice heart is great.....that's about how it feels after eating all that delicious heavy food : )

Chris, T and Kate said...

Fun to see you guys this weekend! Best of luck with the little one! Can't wait to hear the news! :) Cute house bytheway.