Friday, June 3, 2011

Nap Time

My son is such a good napper. He takes two really reliable two-hour naps per day. Nap times are my sanity and are what literally allow me to keep my job. On the occasional day nap time is interrupted or cut short, I almost don't know what to do with myself.

I used to know Crew was ready to get up by this little whimpering noise he use to make. I would head to his room and get him out of his crib.

Recently - and I think its his new found ability to hang on to his Binky for the entire nap - I've noticed that if I don't check on him, I don't even know he's awake.

Instead, I walk in to to find him just chillin' in his favorite position. Backside, arm up, with one leg propped on the bars of his crib. As if to say,"Take your time, Mom. It's all good."

Cutest child ever. Um...yeah!


alyssa said...

what a cute guy. cant wait to see you guys!

Katie said...

LOVE this post!

Brett and Linnae said...

Count.Your.Blessings! Cause you got it lucky,I am quite jealous of your little napper right now!! And especially how he just hangs out and chills when he is done- what a good boy!! Hope you guys are doing well!! p.s. love your new dresser too, so cute!!

amber hawkins warren said...

That's so great. My boys are the same way - so patient. They love love hanging out in bed. He's so cute BTW.