Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Best Ball

With a little poking and prodding from Cole, Crew and I joined him for the annual ward golf outing. I was one of two ladies and Crew was definately the only lil' one. Thank heavens for sweet ward members who are patient with my need to dominate my hubby's time on the weekends!

Crew was such a stud. He loved racing around in the golf cart and at every hole, hopped out and tried to carry a club over to the hole. Cole swears he's a natural.

We played "Best Ball," and as you can imagine, my ball wasn't used often. I did sink an awesome putt for birdie, though! And one of our drives landed our balls right next to each other. Must be love!

Despite that one short drive for Cole, he was one of two winners of the "Longest Drive" award. We enjoyed a yummy lunch with our sweet gift card!

Three cheers for my cute Bishop and his wife. He played nine holes just two weeks after knee surgery. What a trooper.

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Katie said...

Crew is so BIG! Looks like a fun weekend