Monday, January 30, 2012

At the Zoo

I should really never under estimate my son's love for animals. The concept is super foreign to me but last week we decided to embrace it with a trip to Hogle Zoo.

Love that the weather was so beautiful and love that admission was free. We waltzed in after his afternoon nap and didn't feel a smidge guilty leaving just an hour or so later.

The elephants were super fun for Crew. There were three animals in varied sizes so Crew immediately labeled the Daddy, Mommy and Baby.

Birds and fish were also a favorite. So much in fact that:

I had to keep pulling him off the ground to keep him from trying to touch them under the partition.

But hands down, I think his favorite part of the zoo was walking around with his favorite "snah."

We have a new love/hate relationship with the fact that Crew has learned the difference between on-the-go snack food and what we really eat at home. Judging by the way he is gripping the cup, can you tell which is his favorite? :)

We've been so spoiled this year. I have no idea what we'll do when winter decides to come.


Kirsten said...

He is looking so grown-up. And totally adorable.

I must also recommend free days at Tracy Aviary too. Crew will love the noisy birds. And it's fun if you can catch the afternoon bird show.

My kids will sometimes "eat" a meal and then ask for string cheese and crackers as soon as their plates are cleared. ; )

Heather said...

How fun! I love taking Ayla to the zoo!

Crew is adorable! He looks a lot like the both of you!