Monday, March 12, 2012

Terrific Two

Despite my denial and crazy "mommy" emotions, Crew turned two a few weeks ago. I've known it was coming, tried to avoid it and then had to rush like crazy to get things in place to celebrate it.

He is truly an amazing boy and such a sweet, calming influence for me and our home.

Things I Want to Remember About This Age:

My lil guy is clued into every bike, car, train or plain within a site or earshoot.
He loves to point to planes in the sky and remind me that Mimi and Grandpa come to visit him on planes.
He loves to point to each car and tell me who it belongs to (Mommy's car vs. Daddy's car)
He is insistent on taking his bike outside daily, even if he loses interest almost immediately.

What Crew Wants, Crew Gets
But really, he'll say my name over and over and if I'm not responding immediately, he will come grab my pointer finger and direct me to what he wants to show me.

He's very generous with hugs, kisses, patting both sides of my face and check to check. If in doubt about getting his way, he pulls out the big guns. I am, of course, a softy.

He's so Smart
Ever since we got him in a front facing car seat, this boy is a talkin the entire ride. If we pass Taco Bell, he says "Taco!", if we pass Pizzeria Lemone, he says "Pizza!" and just to convince you we aren't totally food obsessed, he as says "Church" when we pass the ward building and "Temple" when we pass any remotely white building with architecture.

This kid loves books. We start and end our day with several and even throughout the day, he'll try to drag me a handful. Current favorites are anything with Elmo, dogs, planes, mommy or daddy and any scrapbooks with pictures of himself. Farm animals are a big hit too.

He is still obsessed with all things related to our kitchen. He wants to help me pour, mix and anything involving the buttons on the microwave. Wow. It takes some patience on my part but he is sooo cute about it!

I've long since given up on trying to keep track of all the words and phrases he's using. Some of my favorite are "Jesus is at the temple," "Mimi and Grandpa on the airplane," "Puppies taking a nap?" and "uh-oh spaghetti-o's."

Big Boy Bed
After a few weeks of finding Crew in all sorts of scary phases of trying to crawl out of bed, we bit the bullet and put on the converter. No complaints, the lil man has been great at staying in his bed. Plus, when he's ready for us to come get him, his little knocks on the door are so sweet.

Growing Boy
Height: 32.52 in.
Weight:25.04 lbs.
Head: 18.9 in.

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