Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Zions National Park

This weekend we loaded up and headed to St. George for a few much needed days away. We've been dying to visit Zions National Park. Frankly, we're both a little embarrassed to have lived in Utah for 5+ years and never been.

We got a late start in the park on Friday but still managed to hike the Three Emerald Falls trails. We were lucky to miss the heat of the early afternoon. Most of the trail is market easy to moderate but I was stunned at the number of people in flimsy flip flops. The waterfalls made the paths super slick and someone in casual shoes could totally fall and hurt themselves. Just sayin, people!

Shuttle ride to trail heads

The views were amazing

I love how much fun he can have with just a stick and some mud!

The boys loved the tight "narrows" like parts of the trail

On Saturday, we were in the park bright and early, starting out with the Weeping Rock trail and the Riverside walk. The Riverside walk had the best views of the iconic slot canyons. Those trails open later this year; we are hoping to hit them up sans Crew in the next few months. The paved path was littered with photographers snapping pics of anything and everything. The path is also a popular place for very social squirrels. Crew was in heaven. 

 Boys check out Weeping Rock 

Water break

Trail Head to the Narrows

Relaxing on the lawn at the lodge

After lunch, we took advance of Crew napping and hiked the Hidden Canyon trail. I'm very glad I didn't know what to expect at the end. Despite it's beautiful views, the end of the trail is basically a rock ledge with a chain to shimmy up against. Not my best mommy moment. I was kinda freakin out. 

Cole packed Crew up and down the trails like it was no one's business

The view down

Did I mention views? :)

Love this guy!

Favorite memories at the park include:
Crew throwing any and every rock possible in the river water. Happiest boy ever
Crazy squirrels attacking our peanut butter and honey sandwiches
Cramped shuttle rides with lots of other smelly hikers :)
Losing track of Crew for a minute in the gift shop and finding him here: 
Crushing a difficult hike and feeling amazingly strong while doing it.
No cell phone reception
Soft reminders from the man in the pack, "Careful, daddy."
Time with my favorite man ever

 We'll be back!


Katie Chandler said...

You rock! I'm so impressed with your mad hiking skills. Also, can't comment without mentioning how adorable Crew is reading!

alyssa said...

Looks like so much fun!!!!