Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Our State Fair; "Don't Miss it, don't even be late!"

While in Texas, our #2 priority was to see if the Texas State Fair would be in swing. Luckily, it was! On a slightly overcast Tuesday morning Cole, Baylee and Stacy and I headed out to the fair, fully intending to make ourselves sick on fried goodness and the faris wheel.

Our first adventure came at the admission gate. In our hurry and excitement to get going that morning, we totally forgot to be frugal and see if there were any special deals. Once we arrived, we realized it was Dr. Pepper Tuesday. One can of "said soda" took the admission price from $14 to only $3. You can bet we got our fannies to a near-by grocery store to stock up on cans. Cole and I even joked that we should stand on a nearby corner and sell the rest of our 24 pack for profit.

Once inside we took a stroll through the car show, "made in Texas", homegoods and arts pavilians. We passed on the animals mostly because the smells make Cole sick. :)

We also partook of our full share of fried foods. Our favs were curly fries, corn dogs, fried oreos and fried cookie dough.

Heartattack, here we come!


Elizabeth said...

This is on our "list" of places to visit. Although I think we'll skip on the fried candy bars.

Heather Perry said...

I love the fair. I wish I would of gone to the fair here this year but I forgot the dates it was here. That pumpkin is amazing.

Looks like you guys are having a lot of fun down there in the South.


Those are REAL dr. peppers! I love them I should have had you guys bring me some....!