Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Surprise Party

After a long day at work, Cole and I planned to spend the evening of my birthday out to dinner with my parents at Texas Roadhouse. After some tasty steak, my mom insisted on coming by our apartment to see some tables I refinished last month.

Once we got to the apartment, I went to unlock the deadbolt (I am the only one who locks up) and I was surprised the normal jiggle of the key wasn't working. I went to try one more time and I could literally feel someone on the other side "help me out" by turning the lock.

When I walked in, I was surrounded by some of our best friends, tons of streamers and balloons. I got to catch up with friends in our old wards, eat yummy cake, open presents and play Tiger Woods Golf.

Thanks to everyone who helped with food, decorations and coming to see me.

P.S. Thanks to my super cute hubby who hacked into my email account to invite all of my friends. And all the planning and super impressive secret keeping skills. Love ya!


The Hartle's said...

I'm not gonna lie that was pretty impressive of Cole... I tried to make Caleb feel guilty!

Jared and Laura said...

How fun!!! Happy belated birthday btw! Your hair is SO, SO cute...makes me want to cut mine again.