Monday, August 31, 2009

Camping in a New-to-You House

So...Cole and I decided to move into our house this weekend!

No, we are not done but we are 100 percent ready to be troopers and make things work for a "couple of weeks." That being said we are without a fully functioning kitchen and as a result, are enlisting your help.

We do have:
basement refrigerator
rice cooker
crock pot

Any ideas on how I can keep us feed quickly, easily and without a lot of fast food? (P.S. Our only running water is in the bathroom so extra points if your meal ideas use very few dishes!)


Scotty and Michelle said...

Sorry, no ideas from me--I'd be hitting up the drive thru! Love the house by the way, I hope you have a party once it's done to show it off!

Jar & Ash said...

You guys are brave! Good luck! There are some good microwave meals out there (Smart Ones, Lean Cusine, etc.) and then you could use plasticware too. That means no dishes! :) There is also microwave dinners like lasagna and a few others in the frozen section that could be good. um...if you have a steamer with your rice cooker you could steam veggies in there. Good luck! Can't wait to see you!

Heather said...

That is exciting you guys have moved in. You will make it work. I would just eat sandwiches.

Brett and Linnae said...

congrats on moving in to the new house!! How exciting for you guys!! I will try and think of some food ideas for ya"ll, I agree with the post above, I would just use paper stuff-