Sunday, August 16, 2009

Projects of WW 5

Work Weekend 5 has been a beautiful continuation of work week 5.

During the Week:

Baseboards and Casings - Our pre-primed baseboards and casings were delivered to our driveway on Tuesday afternoon. Cole and I were able to spend every evening this week painting these babies so they would be ready for my dad this weekend.
(Too much painting; no time for photos)

Kitchen Cabinets - The cabinet guys arrived from Idaho on Thursday afternoon with our java colored kitchen cabinets and bench. By noon on Friday morning, you could kind of get an idea of what the room is going to look like.

Weekend Projects:
Basement Baseboards and Casings - Where to start? If you are following this process, then you are aware that our house may not have a single square corner, level floor or straight door jam. Despite that, my dad was able to make really good progress hanging door casings and baseboards in the basement. This project will span the next week or so, but it felt good to get so much done downstairs.

Basement Bathroom Tile - When we first toured our house, the basement bathroom really stuck out as an oddity to us. The basement bathroom is almost the exact same size as the upstairs bathroom but had only a sink and a toilet. The last of which was positioned almost in the middle of room.

We immediately decided to add a tub and replace the linoleum with tile. After recommendations from parents, contractor and plumber we re-opted for an over-sized shower.

With rough in plumbing and sheetrock done, mom and I decided to get started on that tile. Photos taken about 10:30 p.m.

Entryway stairs - A seemingly small project that has spanned the last several weeks. The area quickly lost the nasty carpet, but upon removal we discovered more than four layers of paint separated us from the beautiful pine floors. We have lost count of the number of layers of paint stripper, the hours of chiseling, scraping and orbital sanding, not to mention the number of people who have braved this chore. To everyone, thanks. We are finally ready for some stain.

After all the projects, I am so grateful for a quiet Sunday of relaxing!


Elizabeth said...

I can only imagine how much work you guys are putting in, but what a fun and fulfilling it must be! Everything is looking fantastic!

Jar & Ash said...

I feel like I am watching the blog version of HGTV! The kitchen is simply HOT! Love it! And everything is looking superb as well! I can't wait to come see the finished product! You guys are troopers to do so much of this on your own!

Katie said...

Wow! The projects! LOVE the cabinets. Mama Bukey looks tired in the tiling picture. You're keeper her up too late! ;)

Nicole and Scott said...

Everything is seriously looking so good...I am in love with your cabinets!

Heather said...

This is so fun watching you create your home. It is looking great. I can't wait to see more.

Anonymous said...

So are you guys living there while fixing it up or what? Man that looks like a lot of work. I bet you're absolutely exhausted every day.

Amy S said...

Wow so much work! It looks awesome though. You guys should be proud!