Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Not sure if it's this beautiful 52 degree weather we're enjoying today or if I just believe that March is really inching us closer to spring, either way I am smiling from ear to ear.

March is on its way to being a chaotic, amazing and memorable month.

My family will be celebrating my dad's birthday this weekend. Can you believe this guy is 60?

I can't wait to spend quality time with the whole family!!!

After a busy weekend with the Bukey's, I get a week long visit from some super secret house guests. (So excited, so excited)

We are also looking forward to a quick Moab get away with the Lansford clan where I am aching to give this beauty a whirl...

Crossing my fingers that Crew will love it too.

After which the Lansfords will join us in SLC for a rockin' week of birthday celebrations. Get it? C for Crew and C for Cole.

Oh, and did I mentioned that my best friend will be flying into Salt Lake for a week to help us celebrate?


I love you, March!


Katie said...

LOVE the wreath! Wow, a full month of fun! Tell Papa Bukey Happy Birthday from me.

Jarad said...

When is Ashley coming to Salt Lake?

Heather said...

That wreath is adorable! Happy birthdays all around!

Chris, T and Kate said...

WHAT?! Crew is having a birthday??!! How fun!!!!