Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bukey Christmas Baking Day

As a kid, you look forward to the arrival of the late-December package containing all of Grandma's Christmas presents and stocking stuffers. That being said, I most looked forward to Grandma's "other" package that arrived the first week of December.

Every year, my Grandma Supola baked literally dozens of different goodies in the month of November and then shipped them off for us to enjoy the entire month of December.

Since she lived in Montana and we lived in Idaho, Oklahoma or Texas, this package was the primary way we connected for the holidays. Each treat came in its own colorful tin, carefully wrapped in contact paper to preserve eat yummy bite. Opening a tin and discovering its contents was an exciting event. Was it fudge, toffee, peanut blossoms or shortbread? Either way, the goodies were always homemade and somehow, chalk full of love. Even as a child, I think I understood the magnitude of the gesture and couldn't help but feel special, loved and important.

Grandma passed away a day after Christmas in 2003 and I think about her often. So in honor of her love, time and gifted calories, we decided it was time for the first annual Bukey Christmas Baking Day.

Favorite moments from the day...

Nicole and Nixsen decorate sugar cookies

Crew has a run-in with a very chocolaty spoon

Janice selects her favorite cookie cutters (out of one of Grandma's old tins)

Nixsen charms us with her version of every Disney princess song

Cutting cookies

Begging for another marshmallow

Manning the candy station (Keep stirring, keep stirring!)

Pouring the fudge. hmmmmm!

Crew enjoys his first sugar cookie

The boys crack nuts for the toffee

It was amazing to have that much of the family together in one place. Love you guys and love you, Grandma!


Katie said...

Wonderful tradition and fun history! I sure miss Bukey family time!!

Sara said...

What a fun way to keep the memory of your grandma alive! Made me want a treat!