Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Jumping in the Leaves

or at least trying.

As part of our ode to fall, I really wanted to play in the leaves with Crew. Lucky for me, both our trees decided to drop all their leaves over night last week. Talk about a leaf-filled playland!

Crew wasn't sure he wanted anything to do with it.

So I jumped in to show him how much fun leaf crunching can be.

Throwing the leaves did end up being a crowd favorite...

Along with waving at any and all passing cars.

But before you know it, he's on to the next thing.

Love you, lil guy!


Nicole and Scott said...

Love so much...he looks so chic! I am jealous of your leaves.

Katie said...

Oh my cuteness! Crew does look so handsomely preppy in his fall leaf jumping outfit.

Melissa said...

He is too cute!! I wish Ev was that trendy...who dresses her anyways? haha