Thursday, October 20, 2011

Back Yard Apple Picking

Finding myself a little short on time and creativity today, Crew and I headed to the back yard to keep busy for that last hour before his afternoon nap. My sadly overgrown fruit trees caught my eye and I decided to have mercy on the worst one, this apple tree. The branches are literally "heavy" with fruit, most of which had become a snack for some lucky bug/worm.

I decided to pick some of the apples and at least haul them to the trash cans. Beware, branches of overgrown apples tend to drop a few at any given moment. Crew escaped unharmed but I did get one or two to the face.

Look at these beauties! For two years the men in my life have tried to convince me that this is a crab apple tree but I am not buyin' it. They look pretty awesome (and free) to me! :)

I guess only a deep dish of apple crisp will tell.

And just because Crew and I had so much fun with all the rotten ones. A little video for your viewing pleasure.


Katie said...

I LOVE videos! What a good big boy helper!

Nicole and Scott said...

He is so adorable! I wish I had fruit trees!

Nicole and Scott said...

I love so much!!! I wish i had fruit trees~