Thursday, October 13, 2011

Snip, Snip: Baby's First Hair Cut

Despite a very painful loss from our Utes last weekend, the game's silver lining was winning two free haircuts. 

Crew's been sporting a hard core mullet for weeks months now and we finally decided it was time to get it cut. Truthfully, I was a little attached to it, especially when he got those little sweat curls in the back. 

But it was time.

As you can see, he was less than enthusiastic to begin. 

Luckily, our stylists was prepared. 

He was willing to lick the sucker only if I held it. Plus a side view of those lush locks.

As the sugar sinks in, the mood visibly improves....

What a handsome guy! Now, what to do with that envelope of baby hairs?


Katie said...

I definitely still have my envelope of curls in my hope chest :) Growin' up!

Jenny said...

Keep them! :)

NanaPNP said...

He is so cute! What a fun memory to look back on! First haircut, a big milestone!