Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Utah Man am I

Maybe we're gluttons for punishment or maybe Cole didn't want to track down a sitter for the evening...either way, Crew made it to the University of Utah's Homecoming game with us this weekend.

Amazingly, there is almost nothing to report except it was a huge success.

Crew loved:
  • the kettle corn and corn dogs (I know, dinner of champions)
  • the cheering crowds; he loved to clap along
  • the kids in the rows around us and
  • the "players;" Lots of pointing and say,"Yes, players"

I doubt he will be tagging along on all future games but it was fun to be together as a family for the evening.


Katie said...

Adorable little fan!

Brett and Linnae said...

Crew is getting so big and so cute! Love that last one of you and Cole and love your hair in it too! Wish you guys lived closer!

Jar & Ash said...

How fun! I miss the Utes and you guys even more! Cred is getting way too big! :)