Monday, October 3, 2011

18 Months

Every time I blink, I feel like Crew discovers something new or shows us more of his rapidly developing personality.

Things I really want to remember about this stage:

Crew LOVES dogs. He signs puppy when he hears one bark, sees one on the Dr's calendar and especially when we arrive at the babysitter's house.

Expressing Emotions. When Crew is frustrated, he isn't afraid to hit, grab or whine about it. Luckily, he is quickly learning the meaning of the words "soft and gentle." Because we are first-timers and don't know how else to do it, we all (including Crew) stroke our checks slowly while saying soft, gentle. Most of the time, it stops any physical outbursts. :)

Watch out, Crew and his cars are under foot! Just this week, he connected the dots about pushing things with wheels. He will mostly push around "Chuck, the dump truck," the singing school bus (below) and the carrier for all his wooden blocks.

Our little soloist. In addition to the constant babbling, Crew does his fair share of singing to me. I mostly notice it when we are driving in the car. Call me sentimental, but I wish I could bottle up his little, unidentified songs and keep them for when he's 16 and driving me crazy.

So Helpful. Crew can be distracted with any opportunity to be helpful. We get things out and put things away together. He loves to bring me items I often use. I can't help but laugh when I see him trying to drag my purse or his full size backpack across the room to me. LOVE it!

(Crew with a giant spoon and our unmatched socks basket)

Growing Boy
Stats from the Dr's
Head: 18.4 inches (22%)
Length: 30.51 inches (6%)
Weight: 20.92 (2%)

He's still pretty small for his age so we've officially started Project:Pack on the Pounds. More to come on that as I figure out how to reverse everything I've ever done to try and loose weight. :)


Katie said...

Oh my goodness! That picture of Crew helping out makes my heart melt! Wish I was there!!

Heather said...

He is so cute!!! He has gotten so big! It is so fun to see them grow! I hear ya, on the parenting thing, I still don't know what I am doing. I guess all we can do is do our best. I think it is great you are teaching him, soft and gentle. I heard boys do those things and that it is hard through the stage of biting and hitting. I don't think it is just boys either, I have gone through this with Ayla more than once.

Jar & Ash said...

I can not believe that he is already 18 months! SO BIG! He is adorable and I wish we could come see him (and you and Cole of course!!).