Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Love Me Some Summer

I really love summer this year. I love finishing work and running around outside with Crew. I love that my sister and her family chose to escape the heat of Arizona for a long visit and that an addition to another sister's brew means I get more time with her lil munchkin. Warning: Long post with too many pictures!

 Crew loves this splash pool. The disappointment over not fitting inside is huge. 
We need swim lessons, STAT!

Crew LOVED the bounce house at his cousin's birthday party. 

Something about riding a bike clicked for Crew last month-We can't seem to get him off it!

 Have loved hosting family for easy, fresh meals on the patio. Mmmmm!

 After successfully re-completing the Couch25K program, I gave this running thing another try. And from my time you will see I use the phrase "running" loosely. That being said. I shaved more than a minute off each mile from my last time...and want to keep going. Success in my book.

We recently attacked this eyesore. We are willing to do almost anything for free 
yard improvement supplies.
Bye, bye crazy-large root system!
Isn't that better? Now to getting those pavers from Ogden to SLC...

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Katie Chandler said...

Amazing! I keep checking airlines for a cheap way from Oregon to Utah. That summer looks too fun to miss out on!