Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Birthday, USA!

Crew loves birthdays and America's proved to be no exception.

We spent a lazy morning sleeping in, grabbing a quick run and then eating a truly too-big, too-yummy holiday breakfast.

Bellies full, we headed north to Ogden to spend the afternoon with my parents and a few of my siblings. The boys ditched us for a well-deserved round of golf, while us ladies brushed off the kid's afternoon naps in favor of Crew's newest water toy. The shark pool was a resounding success, affording the ladies with more than two nearly-uninterrupted hours of blissful chitchat.  

Love watching these kiddos play nicely and enjoy themselves together. We always lived a country away from our cousins so I LOVE to think our kiddos will get to be each others friends. :)

Dinner was Greek fair provided by the Greek mayor of Farr West. America is, after all, a melting pot. And then there was time to kill waiting for the plane jumpers and fireworks.

Crew couldn't take his eyes off the fireworks but the entire time insisted he was "scared."

What a wonderful day. Happy Birthday, USA!

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