Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I love to see the {Brigham City} Temple

Crew has always showed a big interest in our LDS Temples. My first memory of this was him pointing to photo of the Dallas temple in our living room and asking his usual, "What's that?" I guess when you reply that a temple is a special place and it's Jesus' house, and its where Mommy and Daddy got married, something is bound to stick with your kid. 

After a temple wedding for my brother this summer the interest grew, albeit awkwardly, as Crew demanded to ask everyone if 1) they were married and 2) if they had been married in the temple.

Labor Day presented a wonderful opportunity to take Crew to the Brigham City and see inside. (The temple is newly constructed and visitors are welcome to attend open houses prior to dedication.)

We were nothing short of surprised when we arrived to find the line for the tour wrapped entirely around the building and winded through the building's parking garage. We found the silver lining and spent 2.5 hours snapping pics and searching for slivers of shade on the grounds. 

Once inside we wound through waiting areas, instruction rooms and sealing (wedding) rooms. As usual, the workmanship was beautiful and the place had such a sweet spirit. After waiting in a noisy parking garage for several minutes, the reverence and spirit of this special place washed over me the minute we came through the doors. This hot and almost-frustrated mommy really needed that moment of calm. 

Waiting to go inside with our booties on, Crew apparently thought it was too noisy

Crew's reaction inside the temple was more than I could have hoped, especially for his age. As we entered the baptismal font area, he immediately informed the room, "Jesus was baptized in the water." While trying to muffle our giggles to that, he moved right on to telling us about the "cows" (the baptism font sits on 12 oxen). 

He loved the art work depicting scenes from the scriptures, church history and even local peach farms. I had no idea he knew so much about the First Vision, but without fail, he identified Joseph Smith as we passed by. Our ward nursery leaders deserve major brownie points for that one. 

Upon entering the Celestial Room, he leaned his entire body back (literally a 90 degree angle) to get a perfect view of the beautiful chandelier. He stayed totally silent as we walked through and as we were leaving, he turned to me and whispered, "Jesus has a pretty house." Be still my heart. I love that boy.

The tour was quick but we really enjoyed the special time we had together as a family.


elizabeth, eliza, liza, liz, elles, etc. said...

literally teared up reading this. it is so sweet when little people recognize how special the temple is. and hats off to you guys for teaching him the right things : )

Katie Chandler said...

OH My GOODNESS Gracious! Crew and I need to become better friends and fast!

Jessica said...

Such a sweet experience. What a cutie.

Lindsay said...

You two are raising such a beautiful little boy! It does not surprise me one bit with parents like you guys that he is so intuitive, funny, and sweet!

This seems like such an amazing moment for your little family. So glad you have the pictures and blog post to remember the little details!!

Kimberlinah! said...

What an awesome experience! I'm glad Crew has been taught so well!

amber wallace said...

Hey Maura! I wish I could say I took the super thrifty route on these bins but, it was more like in a fit of rage I returned two lamps and went straight to Walmart to buy these. I had about 6 of them already. And actually I bought those almost 4 years ago and they have held up nicely. Hope that helps :)