Thursday, September 27, 2012

Adventures in Texas: Rangers Ballpark

My ten-year high school reunion proved to be the perfect motivator to get us to Dallas for a good, long visit. 

One of our "must-dos" each trip is a night at the ball park with the family. Wes and Stacy generous secure the tickets and supply us with as much fun (i.e. unhealthy) food as our consciences and waistlines will allow. 

It was a close game but in the end, the Rangers couldn't pull it out. Regardless, we had a wonderful evening!

Crew is obviously thrilled to be at the park and watching the his favorite players "Josh" and "Napoli"

Crew playing along while I try to document the evening. :)

Can't get enough of his Rangers; Me loving his mini-me jersey.
No game is complete without a hot dog, right?
My hot date for the evening.
Mimi and Crew sneaking out in the 8th inning.


Katie Chandler said...

Crew looks so excited to be there!

Nicole and Scott said...

Love so much and looks so fun!