Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Since I already admitted going home for my 10-year reunion...everyone knows I am officially old. :)
We kicked off the weekend with a home game against our intercity rivals, Edmond North. 

We had a great turn out for the game and I was fortunate enough to spend most of the game catching with a few families from my home ward that I haven't seen in 8-9 years. It was such a surprise that they were there and I enjoyed catching up with them on the news of the folks I grew up with. 

Saturday morning we met up for a BBQ and tour of our high school.
The BBQ was a great time for folks to show off babies and talk in smaller groups. After that we caravaned over to the high school. One of our classmates is now a coach and photography teacher, so we got the grand tour of the many additions that have been made since we left. 

Randomly, one of my very favorite teachers was at the school that day with the academic team and several of us got to spend a few minutes with him. He is retiring next year and the meeting was such a serendipitous surprise!

The main event for the reunion was an evening at a local brewery. We provided drinks, food, music and it seems everyone had a blast.

Catching up with dear friend and fellow pom teammate, Sarah Reed.

Checking in classmates and collecting the dollars!

Thank you to my high school bestie, Hanna and her hubby for all their help behind the scenes at the registration table and such. Love you guys!

Where to start. For the man who has loved and supported me through a challenging year of planning and stressing. And then being the perfect mix of cool and social as I ran around trying to catch up with everyone. So grateful this is the man I was able to leave with at the end of the night!
Random of FYI: My outfit for the night was a huge hit since I unknowingly sported the colors of Oklahoma's relatively new NBA team, the Thunder. Cole was quick to correct everyone that we are true Mavericks fans. Its been too long since I've been home! :)

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Katie Chandler said...

So fun! And you looked FABulous!