Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I spent my birthday away from my boys on a work trip and to help make up for it, Cole surprised me with a plan to spend a late birthday weekend in the Big Apple. He was there the week prior for work so I was able to join him on the tale end of his trip. Yeah!

For any of you on Instagram, some of these photos will be repeats, but here we go!

After taking the red eye flight out, I spent a few hours resting in Cole's hotel and then hit the financial district for some quick shopping. My mission was to nab half priced Broadway tickets at the seaside TKTS booth. 100 percent success! No line and tickets for my most desired show!

Traveling essentials for the red eye flight out

Mary Poppins (amazing!) and a late night dinner at the Times Square Shake Shack.

Amazing display in a little print shop I visited in the financial district.

On Saturday, we were ready to hit up Central Park and some shopping like it was nobody's business. But what is shopping without some essential carbs and calories?

Stuffed pillows/wall display. I was in awe.

We sampled the vanilla bean with strawberry filling, coconut cream and the famous raspberry.  So yummy but wished we had opted for the oatmeal instead of the raspberry.

New York offered us gloomy skies but the perfect fall temperatures for a spin through the park.

Then on to SOHO for a busy day of shopping and of course, more food. 

Brazilian Corn...hmmm. I could eat these weekly I am sure!


Every statement necklace a girl could ask for. 

On Sunday we took a few hours to visit the 9/11 memorial site. The grounds are beautiful and the area is reverent with people reflecting on everything that happened there. 

Survivor Tree: Love this Story!

The memorials where the towers formerly stood.

Freedom Tower

After having our tickets checked at 4 different checkpoints.

Such a wonderful way to end the weekend!


Brett and Linnae said...

What a great birthday present!! I have always wanted to go to NYC- looks like you guys had a great time! time you guys are in Texas, if your not to busy, give us a call!!

Elizabeth said...

How fun! I could really go for a donut and Brazilian corn right about now:)

Katie Chandler said...

LOVE that Cole sported those rings for a photo op! Fun trip!