Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Autumn Wonderland

 We made the trek south to Thanksgivings Point's Cornbelly's festivities this weekend and had such a blast. We had never been and honestly, weren't sure what to expect. Verdict-We loved it!

 We convinced Aunt Baylee to join us, elating Crew to no end.

I had to hold myself back from taking photos of every attraction. Am I the only mom who needs help remembering to step back and enjoying things instead of stressing about documenting everything? 

Crew is exploring a range of facial expressions lately and I tried to capture a few of the ones that made me smile that day.

Turned around to find brother and sister in a rousing game. I love this family and how much they love to hang with each other!

These wooden play toys were incredible. Crew loved the train, dump truck and Noah's Ark.

Fighting the fire!

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